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Real-time container tracking is a necessity that demands the attention of supply chain professionals. A few years ago, keeping track of all your global shipments was a time consuming, laborious process. 

Logistics managers had to manually visit the website, key in the booking number for each container and check the status. But now, with the newest advancements in technology, it has become extremely simple to track the precise locations of all your containers as and when updated, thereby obtaining much-needed visibility into the supply chain operations.

The emergence of state-of-the-art container tracking systems give you timely updates on the different stages in the movement of your shipment and enable you to proactively deal with any rerouting or delays.

With more and more companies rapidly shifting to automated container tracking solutions, there has been an explosion of such software in the market. To separate the wheat from the chaff, identify the best-suited software that gives you the best ROI for your company, asking the right questions is crucial. 

We have done our due diligence and compiled a list of the best container tracking software available in the market today that might be a possible fit for your company. 

Here are some noteworthy real-time container tracking solutions…

Any efficient container tracking system should provide detailed information like the name of the port where your containers may be stored, live location of your containers, status and exact delivery times. Here are some of the container tracking systems that have helped several shipping companies in streamlining their freight transportation processes.

  • GoComet Container Tracking Software

GoComet’s container tracking solution allows you to track all your international shipments in real-time on a unified dashboard. The module auto-captures every movement of your shipment, assesses your carrier performance and sends automated updates directly to your inbox every time your shipment achieves a journey milestone. 

It also offers actionable insights and helps you improve customer experience by allowing you to share the tracking data with your customers, making way for unprecedented transparency.

  • Cogoport

Cogoport offers container tracking with convenience and transparency, thereby, facilitating better customer relationships. Detailed shipment information like addresses and carrier details, comprehensive tracking history such as location, time and status of the shipment, and original as well as up-to-date ETA of the shipment is constantly displayed on the dashboard. You can even track packages that have been created outside of Cogoport, enabling you to keep tabs on all your shipments, from a single dashboard.

  • Alpega

Alpega offers a cloud-based reusable packaging solution that enables real time container visibility. Alpega’s Reusable Package Management Software supports you throughout the transportation process, from scheduling to tracking arrivals to fee settlement in an automated way, allowing you to gain full visibility of your shipping containers at any time. Their solution equips your containers with extremely detailed traceability of every movement, with the use of serial numbers. Identification technologies such as barcode or RFID distinguish every container clearly, making them easily locatable and their movements trackable.

  • FourKites

FourKites boasts of tracking as many as 1 million global shipments in the span of a single day, with its advanced container track and trace solution. Equipped with AI and machine learning algorithms, their software provides end-to-end live global tracking of your containers across every mode, sends out proactive alerts to logistics managers, incase of any delays/emergencies, and documents detailed predictive analytics for analysing and improving performance, at a later stage.

  • Ocean Insights

Ocean Insights enables you to perfect your risk mitigation strategy with their container tracking software. You can track and monitor all of your containers with a consolidated view of all of your shipments in real-time. Their container track and trace solution will get comprehensive data that you need from 55+ shipping lines, 700 seaports, and 5k+ vessels. Smart filter options allow you to quickly and easily identify shipments that require immediate attention. Receive auto alerts and notifications such as delays, discharge, rollovers or lengthy wait times, on-the-go.

  • Project44

Experience global multimodal visibility with project44’s predictive tracking platform. Gain actionable insights on where your orders are located, how they are being shipped and other real-time shipment metrics via their shipment tracking platform. Get live updates into disruptions, thereby, enabling you to proactively plan and collaborate with stakeholders. project44 provides accurate ETAs along with detailed container status updates as they are discharged, so we know if there is a customs hold that needs attention, exactly when shipping containers need to be returned to port and so on.

  • Infor Nexus

Infor Nexus has come up with an impressive single networking platform that offers live tracking with mapping visualization and location-driven ETAs for ocean, truckload, and air modes. Everything you need is available on a single dashboard including varied carrier data, multi-piece shipment tracking details, alerts and notifications of delivery delays, shipment returns tracking and much more.

  • Kuebix

Kuebix’s International Container Management technology allows shippers to save time and money while protecting their assets through increased visibility to their ocean freight. Track and trace shipments with real-time carrier updates, provide customers up to date arrival information and do so much more with their software.

To experience unprecedented visibility of all your shipments and identify the best container tracking software for your business, reach out to us here.