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4 Easy Steps to Track and Trace your Shipments Online- GoComet

Being routinely informed about the progress of all your foreign shipments is essential to operating your supply chain effectively. In the event of any disturbances, having visibility on shipment containers will enable you to act quickly and wisely. Today, a number of internet applications for sea cargo tracking will allow you to track and trace shipments in real time by providing you with the precise, current location of your ocean cargo at any given time.

The finest solutions notify you automatically each time your container achieves a significant checkpoint along the way. Your team can concentrate on other tasks while the system automatically notifies you of the location of your container in real-time through track and trace technology for container tracking. This way you don’t have to think “where is my cargo” anymore.

4 easy steps to track and trace your shipments online

The booking number of your container, the Master Bill of Lading number, or the container number must typically be entered in order to track and trace containers on an online container tracking system. The online container tracking system will provide the current location of the relevant container as soon as you enter the tracking number.

The more control you have over your shipments, the more opportunity you have to reduce risks and unfavorable shocks. As a result, the issue of how to track shipping containers online is frequently raised. Use GoComet’s container tracking tool to track your containers instantaneously and in real-time by performing the actions listed below:

  • You must first visit the page for the GoComet container tracking tool. It is the GoComet container tracking software’s light version.
  • You can input your booking number, your Bill of Lading number, your container number, and the name of the carrier in the “track now” area once the page has been opened.
  • The container tracking system will show the current location of your container as soon as you submit the information. Additionally, you won’t need to enter your shipment information each time you wish to track a container because the containers that you search for will appear at the bottom of the “track now” area.
  • You may even receive automated updates every time your shipment reaches a significant trip milestone by selecting the option to get notified. This information will be sent right to your Whatsapp and email inbox.

You may follow your international shipments with several shipping line firms on a single dashboard by using the container tracking tool for sea shipment tracking by vessel name. To learn more about container track and trace, click here.

Why should you track container numbers? Sea Cargo Tracking made easy

Real-time insight into your shipments is essential if you want to stay ahead of your competition and keep up with the rapidly evolving global supply chain business. Tracking shipments was a time-consuming operation until supply chain solutions based on digital technology arrived.

Logistics managers had to manually visit shipping line websites or phone their freight forwarders, enter the booking number for each container, and track and trace the status of all shipments. Even worse, it was unknown how frequently the data would be updated, which left room for inaccurate information.

However, modern technological developments have streamlined the procedure and made it simpler for companies to track marine shipments in real time. Modern container tracking systems are now available, and they can provide rapid, real-time data on the various phases of the movement of your freight. These systems give you the ability to anticipate delays and rerouting.

Real-time container tracking technologies currently provide unquestionable value. Finding a solution that best meets your company’s needs and helps you increase profitability is today’s true problem.

You can book a demo here if you’re interested in learning more about how GoComet’s shipment tracking system can enable you to achieve complete supply chain visibility by automating the track and trace technology and utilizing predictive analytics to generate cost savings.