[Case study]

How a logistics procurement company

converted customer delight into

revenue opportunities

Geography: Global
Module: GoTrack Automated Shipment Tracking


Founded in 1997, the Kelmer group helps bridge the gap between entrepreneurs and foreign markets, supporting their clients in expanding their business worldwide. In 2009, Kelmer launched its division focusing on logistics costs optimization, named Kelmer Procurement.

In 2013, Kelmer Procurement launched AURORA, the first Italian Shippers’ Association FCL (Full Container Load). Kelmer’s Aurora groups the volumes of multiple shippers and manages annual tenders with shipping companies, avoiding the intermediation of freight forwarders.

Industry: Consultancy/ Supply chain logistics


How did the absence of real-time shipment tracking affect Kelmer?

Dependency on manual tracking

  • Dependency on human efficiency
  • No updates about orders throughout lead time
  • Numerous emails, several phone calls, and constant follow-ups
  • Increased costs due to manual processes

Communication Gap

  • Lack of proactive communication between the service providers
  • Lack of collaboration between teams
  • The absence of real time data resulted in a lack of reliable information

Absence of brand awareness

  • Lack of brand recall among the end consignees
  • Customer retention and expansion opportunities missed
  • Inability to transform customer service
  • into revenue opportunities

Lack of proactive communication

  • Missing API integration
  • Information restricted only to limited carriers
  • Difficulty in making strategic decisions due to the absence of data analytics


As global supply chain crises led to an unprecedented demand for shipment visibility like never before, Kelmer was looking for an automation solution that would handle their end-to-end shipment tracking, provide complete visibility over all their shipments and establish a proactive communication system within its various stakeholders in the supply chain.

Kelmer had the following goals:

  • Eliminate manual tracking process and get real-time location of vessels via integration with VIS data
  • Gain predictive real-time visibility and the accurate estimated time of arrival (ETA) for shipments
  • Get live shipment visibility at every stage over all their global shipments on a single dashboard
  • Get actionable insights about the best performing carriers and lanes
  • Bridge the communication gap and enable proactive communication within the team about delays in critical shipments

SOLUTION: Go Track Automated Real Time Shipment Tracking

GoTrack Automated Shipment Tracking is an intuitive, easy-to-use solution with multimodal tracking that can be seamlessly integrated into existing systems and scale effortlessly as the shipping needs change.

Here’s how GoComet’s GoTrack Automated Real-time Shipment Tracking module helped Kelmer to accomplish its goals:

White-labelled GoComet’s API

These brand elements were included in every shareable tracking link, making Kelmer’s brand recall strong amongst their customers. Kelmer significantly boosted their brand awareness with the option to include their brand elements, including logos using customer/consignee accounts.

Real-time tracking updates

GoComet’s capabilities provided detailed, real-time shipment information, status and ETA to the delivery stop. The solution helped save 70% of the previously required time from tracking shipments, allowing Kelmer’s operations team to focus on more crucial tasks.

Increased coverage over ocean carriers

GoComet’s API helped Kelmer to track and obtain real-time updates for 500+ carriers, including NVOCCs and smaller carriers. There was only one SMS tracking available before using GoComet’s solution.

Enhanced customer service

Using GoComet’s solution, Kelmer’s customer queries around the status of the shipments were reduced by 80%. Besides, the company enhanced customer service by directly sharing the live tracking updates with customers for their specific orders.

AI-driven actionable insights

GoComet’s AI-driven insights helped Kelmer evaluate modes and lanes better and make crucial cost-saving decisions. API integration provided actionable data from multiple sources.

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