Reduce Supply Chain Cost Leakage

Detention & Demurrage charges, manual invoice audits, complex freight procurement-negotiation processes & other hidden costs can silently drain your profits. GoComet tracks shipments in real-time, optimizes freight procurement, and automates invoice audits empowering growth and unlocking savings.

Cut Down Your Detention & Demurrage Costs

Lack of visibility can result in Detention & Demurrage charges averaging $60,000 per month. GoComet's real-time visibility predicts arrivals, triggers automated alerts, and empowers proactive action. Eliminate D&D chaos, turn it into a manageable expense, and boost your profits.


Uncover the Secrets to a World-Class Supply Chain

Avoid Invoice Overcharges

A staggering 34% of freight invoices fail to align with original contracts! Manual auditing is slow and prone to errors, often leading to missed opportunities for savings. GoComet automatically highlights deviations and automates audit to payment cycle on the platform, freeing up 97% of your workload, allowing you to focus on strategic initiatives while we unlock your overcharged cost savings

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Reduce Fines and Penalties by Identifying Process Gaps

Lack of visibility for every step of shipment leads to missing out on critical delays which later draws costly penalties. With GoComet, identify and eliminate the process gaps with automated alerts to stakeholders and keep important documents ready on time to avoid delays and penalties. This results in an increase in on-time deliveries by as high as 28%  (more OTIF for you!).

GoComet's container tracking module for autocapturing status of your shipments in real-time.

The challenge was, if we booked freight on the 1st of the month, it was collected on the 15th & we had no visibility on why that situation existed. With GoShipment, I can track where the delay happened or where the vendors are slow. If you imagine 46 sites doing their own thing, now being told to follow only one thing, is an unquantifiable yet definite improvement in our service quality, at the same time, being able to see the reduction in costs over the last 16 months.


Mr. Sandy Gullis
EMEA Freight Manager

Optimize Freight Costs

Forget the endless back-and-forth emails and phone calls with multiple freight forwarders for procuring rates for each shipment. GoComet streamlines the procurement process eliminating time-consuming quote requests, and the vendors compete to achieve the best rank, optimizing freight costs by as high as 18%

GoComet's container tracking search form

Stop Late Payments and Streamline Cash Flow

Ditch the manual invoice headaches and late payments! GoComet automates the entire process,  slashing billing cycles by 67%.  GoComet automates freight invoice audits, cost center allocation, accounts payable approvals & much more on one single window that translates to faster payments, avoiding interest penalties and better vendor relationships.

GoComet's container tracking module for autocapturing status of your shipments in real-time.

Focus on Efficiency & Growth

Don't just save money, unlock a more efficient supply chain! GoComet optimizes operations, boosting growth and customer satisfaction.

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