22 January 2024 –  GoComet , a forefront innovator in supply chain technology, is leading the charge towards a sustainable future, as CEO Gautam Jain engages in a transformative conversation with renowned Supply Chain Thought Leader,  Tom Raftery .

In this dynamic exchange, Gautam Jain underscored the paramount role sustainability plays in reshaping the future of global supply chains and shared how organizations are working towards their 2025 sustainability targets. Gautam shared, "50% of Reduction in the carbon sustainability goals can be achieved by relatively simple actions like choosing the correct supplier and the correct logistics... Bigger problem here is people don't know who's the better supplier". This crystallizes GoComet's unswerving commitment to positive change, fuelled by the twin engines of AI and data.

GoComet, a trailblazer with over 500 global customers, stands tall as a testament to unwavering dedication to bring supply chains to the 21st Century. The company's revolutionary AI and data-driven supply chain technology sparks transformative waves, leaving an indelible impact on industries worldwide.

Tom Raftery, a luminary in the supply chain arena, seamlessly aligns with this vision. His dedication to sustainability and technology, showcased through impactful podcasts such as the Digital Supply Chain and Climate Confident series, mirrors GoComet's mission to reshape the logistics landscape with the potent fusion of AI and data.

This dynamic dialogue not only reaffirms GoComet's commitment to a sustainable future but also emphasizes the pivotal role of AI and data as the driving force. It transcends mere conversation, illuminating a path where sustainable innovation, guided by the precision of AI and data, is not just a future aspiration but a present commitment, fundamentally shaping the essence of the evolving supply chain landscape.

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About GoComet:

GoComet , an avant-garde in supply chain technology, leads the charge in redefining logistics through an unwavering commitment to sustainability, AI, and data-driven innovation. CEO Gautam Jain's visionary approach seamlessly aligns with the mission to reshape global supply chains.

About Tom Raftery:

Tom Raftery , a visionary Thought Leader in the supply chain realm, echoes GoComet's commitment through influential podcasts, bridging sustainability and technology. His insights mirror the evolving landscape of a supply chain industry shaped by the potent fusion of AI and data.