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About Old Dominion Freight Line Shipment Tracking

Old Dominion shipment tracking tool helps you to track and trace ODFL delivery in real-time by adding your Old Dominion reference number (booking number) that can be found in your documents. Our system instantly tracks your ODFL shipment movements and updates you at the earliest for you to stay ahead and plan better.

Old Dominion Freight Line (ODFL) is an American company that provides less than truckload shipping services. These services also include logistics and household moving. Old Dominion Freight Lines has five main product groups: Domestic, Expedited, People, Global, and Household Services. Global services include full container load (FCL) and less-than-container load (LCL) services to the Caribbean, Europe, the Far East, Central America, and South America. ODFL operates more than 5800 tractors and more than 22000 trailers.

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With real-time, 100% visibility of all shipment modes - Ocean, Air, NVOCC, Courier, and Road - our Container Tracking software empowers data-driven cost savings.

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Frequently Asked Questions

  • What is Old Dominion Freight Lines?

    ODFL is a leading transporter of industrial, commercial, and retail goods, specializing in less-than-truckload (LTL) shipping solutions for businesses.
  • How can I do ODFL LTL freight tracking?

    You can track ODFLfreight by simply using the tracking number or booking number.
  • What tools can I use for Old Dominion tracking?

    You can use Gocomet’s free Old Dominion Freight Line tracking tool to track Old Dominion freight shipments.
  • Is GoComet’s tracking Old Dominion Freight Line tool free?

    Yes, the free tracking ODFL tool is available on the GoComet platform for a certain number of trackings. You can always upgrade for full access to unlimited tracking and other features.
  • Can I track Old Dominion trucks?

    Yes, you can track Old Dominion freight trucks through Gocomet’s free freight tracking tool.
  • What are some major road transport logistics in the USA?

    Some of the major road transport logistics in the USA are Tforce, Old Dominion, YRC, XPO, and a few more.
  • How do I track my Old Dominion trucks without a booking number?

    You can do ODFL truck tracking without a booking number by using a PRO number or BL number.
  • Which are the best trucking companies near me?

    Tforce Freight trucking company, XPO Logistics trucking company, YRC Freight trucking company, SAIA trucking company, and Old Dominion Freight Line trucking company are some of the best trucking companies in the USA.
  • How accurate is the track Old Dominion shipping tool by GoComet?

    GoComet’s Old Dominion tracking freight tool provides you with up-to-date real-time data on all your consignments and promptly notifies you of any delays.
  • Where do I get the Old Dominion freight tracking number?

    Your booking number, PRO number, or BL number provided by your ODFL freight service can be used to track ODFL freight.
  • When will my ODFL shipment arrive?

    Generally, all Old Dominion shipments take 2-5 business days to arrive. Additionally, you can view the status of your ODFL delivery on a free Old Dominion pro tracking tool here.
  • How is Old Dominion customer service?

    ODFL customer service is considered to be very prompt and informative, with good customer feedback reviews.
  • Where can I get my Old Dominion Freight Line tracking updates?

    You can receive the Old Dominion Freight Line delivery updates on your email or WhatsApp depending on the integrations you make on the ODFL freight tracking tool by GoComet.
  • Why is my Old Dominion delivery delayed?

    There could be many reasons for your ODFL delivery delay, like traffic, failed delivery attempts, vehicle breakdown, and many other reasons.
  • How does GoComet’s tracking Old Dominion freight tool work?

    GoComet collects real-time data by AIs powered tracking tool backed by Geofence that provides the position of the shipment.