Tip: Track with Booking No. or Master B/L No. instead of Container No. to get ETA from most carriers

About YRC shipment tracking

Our YRC Worldwide Shipment tracking tool makes tracking your shipment’s live location the most convenient with our track and trace system where by entering your YRC Worldwide Reference number (Booking number), your shipment details will instantly be displayed. Grover Cleveland "Cleve" Harrell started the Yellow Cab Company in 1906 with a horse-drawn hack and a team of horses in Oklahoma City. After a year, he bought a Model T Ford. People were willing to pay more to ride in an automobile than in a horse-drawn carriage. After World War I, he bought two more cars and hired a relief driver. That year in 1918, Harrell painted one of his cars yellow. Other cab drivers made fun of him, but he was hauling more passengers than anyone else so he painted all his cars yellow and his business boomed. And back when oil was discovered in the Oklahoma City area, mules were needed for work in digging slush pits. So the Harrell brothers bought mules and started their own business called Yellow Transit Freight Lines to serve small manufacturers who needed freight service but couldn't afford express rates. In 1968, the company name was changed to Yellow Freight System Inc. In the 1980s, during deregulation of interstate trucking, Yellow Freight System embarked on a massive restructuring by creating new distribution centers across the country to better serve customers.

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