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Resources and FAQs on freight forwarding for logistics and supply chain professionals

Freight Knowledge Centre - Resources and FAQ's on freight forwarding for logistics and supply chain professionals

What is the Cargo Booking Process?

  • Check restrictions
  • Select product and service
  • Make booking
  • Prepare cargo and paperwork
  • Complete Air Waybill
  • Drop cargo
  • Track cargo
  • Collect cargo

How to calculate Volumetric weight?

A stakeholder is a person or a group who has an interest in a given situation, and who is an active player. A stakeholder can also be considered as an actor, in the sense of a person or organization who carries out one or more of the activities in an import or export process.

BuyerSellerCommission AgentCustoms
ImporterExporterTransport Service SupplierEnvironment
Ship toShip fromFrieght ForwarderStandards
Insurance ProviderHealth
Customs AgentPort

Why is having visibility over cargo movement necessary?

It gives you the ability to see real-time data for freight movements which enable transportation managers to stay a step ahead of any potential issues. For example, real-time visibility could allow a firm to see any loads that are running behind schedule and then make a proactive decision to try and do something about it.

What are the Freight Forwarder Payment terms?

  • Cash against goods
  • Cash against documents
  • Cash in advance
  • Letters of credit

What is Transshipment?

A transhipment occurs when there is no direct connection between two ports and the goods have to be stored at an intermediate destination before being shipped to the final destination. One possible reason for doing this is to change the means of transport during the journey, known as transloading.