What is ACE?

The Automated Commercial Environment (ACE) serves as the bedrock of trade reporting in the United States. It is the conduit through which the trade community reports imports and exports, while CBP leverages expertise, technology, and automation to ensure the smooth and secure flow of legitimate goods. The ACE Secure Data Portal is the gateway to real-time trade data, offering valuable features such as ACE Reports and ACE account management. It acts as the central access window connecting the international trade community with CBP, trade partners, and Partner Government Agencies (PGA). This single window approach streamlines the processing of imports and exports, reducing redundancy, slashing paper usage, and significantly cutting operational costs.


Benefits of an ACE Portal Account:

Having an ACE Portal Account brings a multitude of advantages:

Access to AD/CVD case management and message information database.

Real-time access to Importer Security Filing (ISF) and progress reports.

Utilization of the reports tool for real-time transactional data analysis, enabling identification and resolution of compliance issues.

Hourly updates on account revenue data.

Access to cargo release and entry summary data refreshed nightly.

Creation of blanket declarations for streamlined entry summary processing and nationwide visibility.

Enrollment in Periodic Monthly Statements with customizable payment schedules.

Proactive trade compliance monitoring to identify and rectify discrepancies.

Efficient handling of CBP Forms 28, 29, and 4647.

ACE Portal Modernization:

CBP is committed to modernizing the ACE Secure Data Portal, with phased enhancements planned for 2022 and 2023. This modernization aims to elevate platform performance and user-friendliness. The new portal is now accessible at https://ace.cbp.gov. During this transition, users will have access to both the legacy ACE Portal and the new ACE Portal, with continuous data synchronization between the two versions.

Features of ACE CBP


ACE CBP includes features for processing electronic import manifests, allowing government authorities to assess the risk associated with incoming cargo via various modes of transportation (air, ocean, rail, and truck). This helps expedite cargo processing and reduce wait times at ports of entry.

Cargo Release:

The system simplifies the entry process by coordinating with trade associations and streamlining data submission. This results in faster and more accurate cargo processing, enhancing security, safety, and compliance.

Post Release:

ACE CBP allows users to submit post-summary corrections related to various trade activities, including reconciliation, drawback, liquidation, and statements. It offers benefits such as reduced paperwork, lower administrative costs, and monthly fee options.

Partner Government Agencies (PGAs):

ACE CBP collaborates with various government agencies to provide a single-window interface for submitting required trade documents and information. This interoperability ensures that CBP and PGAs can coordinate efficiently and share essential data.