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Quotation Management

Pay less for your international freight procurement.

Logistics Quotes Management System

Features of Quotation Management

Automated Freight Management

Manage all of your shipments from a single, easy-to-use platform.

Increased Savings

Reduce the costs of your logistics operations by up to 15%.

Quotes Comparison

Compare the price and service level quotations from all of your vendors.

Market Trends

Get market trends of route costs to optimize your logistics expenses.

Reverse Auction & Negotiation

Your vendors will compete to offer best services at minimal cost.

Transparency and Auditing

Visibility in logistics procedures with effective audit & compliance norms.

Data Analytics & Reporting

Get actionable insights and reports on your volume, cost and vendor.

User-friendly with 24x7 support

User-friendly platform with 24x7 support raising efficiency multifold.

How It Works


Invite your vendor

Add all your vendors on GoComet platform as one time task and give them access to submit quotes for you.


Create Enquiry

Create a new shipment quote request in less than a minute and send in a single click.


Reverse Auction Innovation

Let your vendors compete to provide you the best service at minimal cost.

How It Works


Power Negotiation

Negotiate even further with vendor-specific targeted price.


Quote Comparison

Effectively compare all quotes to choose a perfect balance of price and service.

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