Company Overview

HaulMatch is a leading online automobile shipping broker that specialises in transporting vehicles across regions and oceans. The company takes pride in facilitating both domestic and international vehicle transport at competitive prices. In addition, their expertise ensures that their customers partner with the best carriers, compliant with safety and liability standards.

The brand has a well-established and growing network across many countries such as the United States, Germany, Ghana, Nigeria, UAE, Jordan, Ukraine etc.

Challenges: Lack of visibility over shipments

HaulMatch’s shipment used to take about 20-30 days of transit time as they sailed across the oceans. Meanwhile, the shippers would raise several queries over the movement of their shipment. This required HaulMatch’s internal team to invest several hours in fetching the latest update on their customer’s shipment location.

How was the brand impacted?

Limited shipment visibility:

HaulMatch’s team visited third-party websites for updates on shipment location and then shared the details with their customers. The process was time-consuming, tedious and prone to errors.

Lack of insights:

Their customers could not leverage crucial insights such as visibility on the carriers offering them the best service, trade routes that ensure cost optimisation and speedy deliveries, etc.

Customer dissatisfaction:

The inefficiencies in tracking updates led to numerous queries regarding the status of the shipment. Shippers could not access information such as changes in the estimated time of departure and arrival, delays in transhipments due to unforeseen circumstances, etc.

Solution: End-to-end visibility through API integration

HaulMatch was looking for a solution that could allow their customers to get real-time shipment visibility on their HaulMatch dashboard. Deploying  GoComet's GoTrack Automated Real-Time Shipment Tracking  enabled them to achieve the visibility and efficiency they sought.

Here’s how GoTrack helped

API integration with HaulMatch's platform

We integrated our GoTrack Automated Real-Time Shipment Tracking system with HaulMatch's platform. Through this integration, shippers could use their HaulMatch account to directly track all their shipments in real-time on a single window.

100% process automation

HaulMatch automated the entire shipment tracking process, eliminating human dependency by 100%. Automation also paved the way for accurate and up to the minute tracking updates.

Real-time updates

The module captured important journey milestones in real-time and sent automated updates straight to the shipper’s inbox. Besides, it triggered alerts in case of shipment delays due to unforeseen disruption.

Access to predictive and prescriptive data

By recording millions of data points in real-time, GoComet equipped HaulMatch’s customers with predictive and prescriptive data analytics to facilitate informed decision making.

Impact: Visibility, transparency and strategic decisions

Comprehensive visibility via data visualisation

The module’s map view displayed the projected course of the vessel carrying the shipment and the actual route taken by the ship in real-time, allowing access to quick and comprehensive visualisation of shipment movement

Improved supply chain planning

Timely predictive alerts on delays enabled HaulMatch’s customers to proactively respond to disruptions, efficiently plan their supply chain operations and eliminate the scope for detention and demurrage charges

Advanced data analytics

The module’s ability to generate detailed reports on vendor and carrier performance enabled HaulMatch’s customers to choose their service providers wisely

Enhanced customer service

By partnering with GoComet, HaulMatch’s customer queries around shipment tracking were reduced by 90%

What stood out about GoComet’s platform was how seamlessly it was integrated with our internal system. It eliminated the need for our customers to create additional accounts, visit third-party websites, call or email our team to track their shipments. GoComet helped us realise our goal of offering end-to-end shipment visibility to our customers on a single window.

Nataliya D.Vice President of Operations, HaulMatch

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